V-Bank Standard Capacity Filter


V-Bank Standard Capacity Filter V-Bank Air Filter is with multiple mini-pleat media packs and enable to remove air contamination, such as dust, smoke, vapor, soot, pollen, bacteria and etc. The unique V-Type design offers a wide range of efficiency to remove air contamination and provide a very low resistance. V-Cell filter offers high performance and low operating costs The filters have an average atmospheric dust spot efficiency range 60-65%, 80-85% and 90-95% *Apply Temperature: 80°C *Apply Humidity: 100%RH (No condensation state) *Low pressure drop V-Bank air filter *More efficiency and longer life

Product Information

Frame Cold rolled painted, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum or Stainiess Steel
Frame Type Box Type Single Header
Media Waterproot fire retardant glassfiber
Gasket Neoprene
Bond Epoxy Resin
PU Fire-retardant Urthane
Temperature 80°C
Humidity % RH 100% (No condensation state)
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